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  • After their fall from power, the Resztaki continued their struggle for survival in the Korvak Wastes for millennia.
  • Now, they are once again faced with extinction as the Deceiver and those corrupted by his touch attempt to finish what they started when they brought about the Resztaki's collapse. Their only hope rests with a unique warrior, who is nicknamed after the stealthy apex predator of the Waste in which the Resztaki live. In order to succeed, he will not only need to become fiercer than the creature he is labeled after, but trusting enough to rely on others.


  • Rafalar's campaign against the Resztaki has failed, and he has narrowly escaped.
  • The Deceiver's plots to gain the Sword of Ulrid have been bungled by his minions, and Jacek has received a nightmarish punishment for his failures against Staszu, the famed Shadow Panther warrior. As the bonds holding the Deceiver back from this world, and others mass to strike at the Resztaki, old allies, who until now were thought to be only myths, have resurfaced. But as things regress, and the human kingdoms fall into chaos, the task before Staszu might be too much as he must somehow become the Magus of the Gods while trying to bring order to the lands around him.


  • The Deceiver is free and the torch of war is now burning across the lands.
  • Staszu has become the Magus of the Gods, and must prevent the Deceiver from activating the Well of Shadows and linking it with the Spring of Light. If he fails, the Deceiver's power will be unmatchable, which will surely mean the end of all life on the world itself, and perhaps even the destruction of the gods.